Busy month

Hi all

Its been a busy month since my last post. I have moved out of my fathers house and into a flat with my girlfriend. Last week was mostly packing up her stuff, the weekend was moving it and this week has been unpacking. Most of my stuff still needs to be moved from the bluff though. Luckily my brother is gonna help me with moving my desk this evening.

One nasty bit about moving is internet-less-ness. We have been using cellphones for connectivity for the last week which is slow and gets really expensive. Luckily Telkom installed my phone line yesterday. Hopefully they wil activate adsl on it soon. Apparently it could take a week or 2 rather than the usual day or 2 thanks to the soccer world cup. Yet annother reason for me to despise the event.

Health wise, I think I’m ok. Been feeling pretty tired and crappy the last few days though. I think it might be after effects of over exertion while moving.

For those who don’t know, I have been growing my hair since I got back from Cape Town after Xmas. My fring now reaches past my eyes which is enough to really be annoying when it gets in your eyes. To reduce irritation, I have started wearing a hair band when I’m doing things that would get it in my eyes. Hopefully it won’t be too long befor I can just tie the whole lot back.

Anyway, that’s my bit for now. Time to grab some more caffiene befor heading back to the office.



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  1. Hair takes _long_ to grow babe.

    Have I mentioned lately how cute I think you are? 🙂

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